Functional food


Increases energy

Improves blood flow and makes the heart stronger

Promotes better mental awareness

Detoxifies the body

Strengthens the immune response

Promotes proper digestion

Makes skin healthy, younger-looking

Gives a feeling of general wellness


Energy, Kcal 10g
Protein, g 37
Carbohydrates, g 9
    Sugars, g 6
Fat, g less than 1
Vitamin C, mg 75
Dietary Fibre, g 2
Sodium, mg 4
B1, ug 74
B2, ug 15
B3, ug 1290
Folic Acid, ug 3
Chromium, ug 3000
Zinc, ug 84
Iron, ug 250
Calcium, mg 52
Magnesium, mg 2


Empty contents of one 10-gram sachet in 250 ml cold water (ice cubes may be added, if preferred).

Stir immediately (in order to avoid clumping) until powder is completely dissolved.

Then drink immediately. (Standing may cause change in its color due to oxidation. Remember, our product is all-natural.)

You may drink one to three sachets a day.

is a powdered organic health drink in sachet, which contains five certified organic superfoods, namely, wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, moringa and acai berries, and which is initially available in natural dalandan flavor.

Being Functional Foods, these products are as close as they can get to whole foods, which provide immune support, as well as protection from the effects of aging and some of the prevalent diseases in our society today, such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, allergies, gastritis and constipation, among others. These products go hand in hand with the present thrust of health professionals in maintaining good health and preventing diseases the natural way. The raw materials that go into these products are all-natural and full spectrum, sourced from certified organic farms around the world.


Our Client Testimonials

Happy Greens&Berries Clients

They choose to be Healthy

We, at Greens&Berries Healthy Tribe, are so passionate about our products that we have made sure that the raw materials that go into our Greens & Berries are certified organic, all-natural and full-spectrum, sourced out globally. Because it is raw and powdered, our Greens & Berries does not contain any harmful preservatives.We believe in leveraging the power of functional foods with achieving good health. We need functional foods to power our lifestyles, to power our dreams.